The Family That Slays Together: Ten Domestic Slashers

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If you feel like you've seen this week's new slasher flick "The Stepfather" before, you probably have, even if you're not a fan of the 1987 original starring "Lost"'s Terry O'Quinn. That's because the family-bands-together-to-fend-off-the-one-member-who-turns-on-the-rest trope is at the heart of dozens of horror movies.

Need proof? Here's a list of ten different types of immediate and extended family members and a notable cinematic example of each going medieval on their loved ones.

Killer Mom

I'd wager that everybody has said "My parents are crazy!" at least once in their lives. But the filicidal mother in 2008's "Baby Blues" is so far gone into Crazytown that she'll make you want to call your own mom to apologize for ever implying she was nuts. Colleen Porch plays the killer in question, an exhausted mother of four with a truck-driving husband, who snaps one day and begins picking off her own children slasher movie-style; at one point,
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