Gerard Butler Interview - Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler (300, Dear Frankie, Phantom of the Opera) and his producing partner Alan Siegel chose Law Abiding Citizen to be the first film produced under their Evil Twin banner - and it's a real doozy. In the film, Butler plays a husband and father who seeks justice after his family is brutally murdered. When the legal system fails him, Butler's character takes it upon himself to punish those responsible.

On the red carpet at the film's La premiere, Butler talked about why he chose to take on this particular character and why he and Siegel wanted to make Law Abiding Citizen their first Evil Twin movie. Oh, and for those into such things, Siegel told everyone who asked at the premiere (which I didn't because frankly I don't care) that Butler and his The Bounty co-star Jennifer Aniston are just good friends:

Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel Law Abiding Citizen
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