13 dark fantasy films to watch while you wait for Conan

The fantasy genre has gotten a bad rep over the years and I think I know why. Too many factions of role players, larpers and W.O.W-ers have joined forces over the world wide web to become this massive, unstoppable goliath of an easy target. What was once little groups of in-the-know outcasts playing Magic in highschool hallways is so visible that they've turned it into an easy punchline for bad comedians and films like Role Models or Your Highness to take a stab at. But That's just my theory.

The other downside to fantasy's perceived dorkery is I think it's led to a slowing down of mainstream fantasy film production and the films that do get made that fully embrace their fantasy roots either get savages by critics or dumped onto SyFy. Lord of the Rings is really the only series of films I can think of that got through unscathed.
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