Fantastic Fest Review: Journey to Saturn

The funny thing about my own Fantastic Fest journey this year is that of all the films that we're reviewing on this site, I seem to be taking all of those that are animated. Which is great, because as you know, I love me some animated goodness. I also love me some animated weirdness, which leads me to the oddball space opera Journey to Saturn, from Denmark. I mention the film's Danish roots specifically because it wears that fact like a badge of honor. In fact, most of the humor in this often gross, mostly inappropriate adult cartoon seems to be directed at the Danish people, the Danish government and the drunken way of the Danes. It was all very interesting, I assure you. The story follows a misfit group of astronauts hired by a prominent businessman to travel to Saturn and mine it of it's usable natural resources. The plan is to claim Saturn in the
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