Episode Recap: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 11.15: "Targets of Obsession"

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Nick (George Eads) and Ray (Laurence Fishburne) talk of Ray's impending court hearing with Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin) . Nick needs to get to the gym or he'll never go. Ray: "Are you felling obligated to leave Doc Robbins (Robert David Hall) a good-looking corpse." To which Nick replies, "Yeah, something like that." Hey his hair's grown back, now any chance of George leaving it like that! Anyway, prophetic words from Ray regarding Nick, as he almost does meet his doom. Ray tells him he's putting on his game face for the trial. Nick retorts he should give Haskell hell, but he's bound for there anyway. Ray and Haskell prepare for court simultaneously and you know from Haskell's smirk he's got something up his sleeve, literally. In court, Haskell comments the last three days he's been trying to control the monster and the media are portraying him as such. Hey that's Ray's word,
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