9-9-09 (Film Review)

  • Fangoria
Sixty years ago, on September 9 of 2009 a meteor (or something of that nature) crashed to earth, animating a small rural town. Not long after the discovery of the meteor, people start… morphing into savage animalistic beings, intent on wreaking havoc on this unsuspecting community, and ultimately: the world as a whole. But what the government would eventually label a modern plague, is perhaps even worse, as this enemy is clearly otherworldly, and the design behind this trip to earth is built upon an apparent invasion. The only significant question is, who the hell lives to tell about it?

Receiving mediocrity in search of positive review seems to have become “the norm” for me lately. Therefore I was genuinely surprised, and extremely pleased with Howard Wexler for taking the time to ship me something worthy of positive feedback. 9.9.09 is one of the better independent flicks I’ve received as of late,
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