Peter Sarsgaard: Witnessing the Orphan

  • Fangoria
As the genres of 'Killer kid' movies and 'family in jeopardy' flicks always revolve around a troubled mother overcoming her personal demons to save her family from the invader trying to tear it apart, the fathers are usually clueless victims. They don't notice that their family is under attack and poo-poo their wives' suspicions as paranoia... Until they are targeted in the climax. As the architect father in Orphan, John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) is no exception.

To actor Peter Sarsgaard's credit, despite playing a Dad more oblivious than the fathers in Poison Ivy, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and The Ties That Bind combined, he manages to make him sympathetic all the same. "He shows his intelligence offscreen," the actor jokes. "His intelligence is in his work! It's almost like the most commonplace thing in the world to the man is that around his house, he wants everything to stay at this decibel.
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