Tribeca dispatch #1

  • [Pierre-Alexandre Despatis suffers for his cinema. Now covering his second edition, our official festival reporter and multi-function human cyborg will provide us the sights (plenty of cool pics!), the sounds, the reviews and the occasional interviews of the still very young 5th edition of the Tribeca film festival. Below are some of Pierre-Alexandre’s reviews in easy to read, insightful capsule form. Enjoy!] Encounter POINTMany of the numerous movies about the israelo-palestinian conflict are, unfortunately, redundant and they don't bring anything new to the subject. Encounter Point (2006)Encounter Point
[/link] choses a rather different approach by abstaining from depicting violence or the conflict itself but rather the film quite interestingly portrays the lives of people who want ... peace--yes they do exist! After having lost a son, a daughter or a close relative, these people decided to try to change the situation in every way they can. In doing so, they risk their social standing and even their own lives. Ronit Avni and Julia Bacha’s film is the result of 2 years of research, 16 months of shooting and hundred of interviews. The film does a very good job at portraying these people's lives and their very own intimate/public struggle; after all, the are so many things an individual can do by himself. Unlike many other
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