Hellbone – Pollinctor (Musick Review)

  • Fangoria
Stagnancy is the danger of keeping underground music alive. Keep one particular style in a single genre and it eventually loses focus, falters, and then winks out into the night. Fortunately, there are acts constantly attempting to re-invent and recreate the mould.

Swiss act Hellbone recently formed in 2008 is taking the Industrial music sound into artful new directions. The recent debut album release Pollinctor takes an approach at blending sound like painters brush strokes. Each chord and riff is deliberately placed in motion with swift momentous results. Even vocally, the lead does not take center stage in each recorded track. Rather, the vocals are blended seamlessly into the total tapestry of electronic cacophony.

Hellbone’s sound is ripe with tenebrous back beats and chilling riffs. It evokes images of a chilling bleak landscape set in the everyday metropolis of broken dreams. From the opening riff to the closing end beats,
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