It Came From The Mailbox: Bane!

Gory greetings horroryearbook alumni! Welcome to another edition of It Came From The Mailbox, an exciting column where your old pal Brain Hammer reviews whatever random crap the good folks at horroryearbook decide to throw my way. No crap this time around. Wil was nice enough to pass along a screener copy of the new film from writer and director James Eaves. Eaves has been making a name for himself in the UK over the last few years with a trio of well received horror flicks - Sanitarium, Hellbreeder, and most recently The Witches Hammer. Eaves most recent effort is a self described "horror science fiction feature film" entitled Bane. I was much impressed after watching the trailer for Bane online and was looking forward to finally seeing it. I'm happy to report that I wasn't disappointed!
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