Barry Pepper Gets Honored At Second Annual Las Vegas Film Festival

On Friday night, the Las Vegas Film Festival hosted Barry Pepper. The festival gave him a celebrity tribute following his film, "Like Dandelion Dust".

Pepper's performance as a rough, factory-working father recently released from prison was described by Variety magazine as "head turning." Early buzz on the film includes awards at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival and the Sedona International Film Festival where it won Best Feature.

More than 100 films and documentaries premiered at the Eastside Cannery in Boulder City from April 9 to Easter Sunday. The festival drew more locals from Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City than actors and actresses who were in the films.

The big event for Friday and Saturday, though, was the premiere of the new Robert Pattinson film "How to Be." Friday, the festival had two showings of the film, and due to its popularity, they added a third showing on Saturday.
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