Caine's New Magic Movie Is A Tribute To Dead Friend

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Caine's New Magic Movie Is A Tribute To Dead Friend
Michael Caine has dedicated new movie Is There Anybody There? to a late pal who died following a battle with Alzheimer's Disease - because the tragedy compelled him to take the role of an aged magician struggling with dementia.

The actor's character slowly becomes senile in the film and relies on the young son of the owners of the old-folks’ home he resides in to help him stay lucid.

And Caine admits he didn't have to dig too deep for the role - because he watched his friend struggle with memory loss.

He tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "One of my closest friends - he was only 68 - just died of Alzheimer’s... Dougie having dementia was a reason I wanted to do it (film).

"But, also, from a purely selfish point of view, it was a hell of a part to do. I’m now looking for things that are different and stretch me. I don’t work very much. So a movie sort of has to grab me."

Caine is thrilled with the film, but the same can't be said for his wife Shakira: "She got very upset, because she watched me grow old and die. I said, 'It’s a performance. I am not like him. I am not the same person.'"

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