Meet a Twilight Star

  • PopStar
Be honest have long have you waited for this day to come? The Twilight Saga: New Moon shooting has been put on hold today to celebrate the release of the Twilight DVD. Tonight all across the U.S. screaming die hard Twi-hards will flock to the nearest Twilight release party to pick up the DVD and hope to catch a glimpse of their favorite Twilight star. Being able to score the DVD before if comes out on Saturday should be exciting enough but Summit has decided to go over board. They have taken all the Twilight stars and scattered them throughout stores across the U.S. where they will wait to meet their die hard fans. Do you wanna know where the Twilight stars are heading? Keeping reading to see how lucky you will be tonight... You probably have had butterflies in your stomach all day dreaming about the possibilities
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