Fresh Release: Egon Riedel and Das Jesus Video

If you live in a country where cable television is not a foreign concept, than chances are you might have bumped into the German television movie Das Jesus Video... or The Hunt for the Hidden Relic... or Ancient Relic... or Hunt for the Jesus Video... There are several titles by which you can find this picture, which was based on the popular novel of Andreas Eschnbach, which mixes the time traveling ideas of Michael Crichton's Timeline with the religious conspiracies of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. In this novel (and movie), a young archeologist finds the skeleton of a time traveler in Israel. Apparently somebody went back in time to make a video recording of Jesus Christ and then hid the casette at a secret location. The German secret service and the Vatican are both interested in the recording and the archeologist ends up in a hi-tech
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