Southern Belle Sleeps Her Way to Hollywood in ‘Starlet’

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What kind of twisted experience must director Noah Harald have endured to inspire the anti-heroine of Lila Carter? As the Starlet, Lila takes the remorseless, manipulative, sleep-with-anyone-who-gets-me-to-the-next-rung starlet cliché to a whole new plateau, all with winking Southern affectations. It took me a while to figure out the facial resemblance, but Ellie Gerber’s Lila has some Britney in her with the smile and spunk of a (young) Mary Lou Retton. Add a whole heap of Melrose Place, and you’ll begin to get a sense of this belle-on-wheels. In the beginning of this Filmaka web series, Lila says goodbye to daddy and leaves Sweetwater, Texas with her boyfriend with the fully self-aware conceit of conquering Hollywood, and conquer she does. During her first night in California, Lila ditches her hometown sweetheart like excess baggage and sexes her way in to a velvet-roped club, where she meets, and then services,
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