Milly Sanders and Her Eerie Love Story ‘Meet Me in the Graveyard’

Meet Me in the Graveyard is no exception. On first glance, you have a show primarily based with in the vlogging format familiar to lonelygirl fans and critics everywhere--an attractive young woman creating a video blog. A format that immediately sparks interest based on it's familiarity, or perhaps the very nature of voyeurism that comes with surfing the web. I think I probably first fell in love with the girl plus diary format when watching Winona Ryder frantically keep notes about her serial killer boyfriend in Heathers. Like Heathers the tone of Meet Me in the Graveyard is decidedly dark, albeit less comedic. Actress-producer Milly Sanders is our protagonist Viola vlogging and chatting from a mental institution when she stumbles upon Ace who is vlogging from a half way house. It's glorious Gothic love at first site.
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