A Zombie on the New York stage

In what may be a response to the times (since theater has always been a very socially conscious medium), more and more dark-tinged plays are popping up in New York City this season. Add to that list Bill Connington’s solo performance of Joyce Carol Oates’ Zombie, running February 21-March 29 (with previews Feb. 18-20) in the Studio Theater at the Theater Row Complex (410 West 42nd Street).

Oates loosely based her acclaimed 1995 novella, an exploration of what motivates a psychopath, on the story on notorious real-life killer Jeffrey Dahmer. In Connington’s adaptation, the playwright/actor portrays Quentin, a seemingly normal man with a penchant for serial murder. He recounts a series of nefarious deeds including the torture, rape and murder of young male victims, whom he intends to brainwash into zombielike slaves to serve his every need. Originally presented as part of the 2008 NY International Fringe Festival, Zombie has been
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