Imho: The gay storyline on "The Game" played out nicely

In last week's episode of The Game, the CW sports sitcom about football players and their wives, we were left on a rather dispririting note, with Clay, an outed player, left alone in the lockerroom, abandoned by his teammates — especially the sitcom's lead character, Malik (Hosea Chancez).

Picking up the story this week (on Friday), Mickey (Brian McGovern), the team manager, has had a chance to think things through, and he's decided, "We're all going to stand behind Clay."

"Well, that's better than standing in front of him!" calls out one of the players. Malik even comes right out and refers to Clay as a "fag." Later, one of the footplayer players' wives gets drunk and tells a series of surprisingly ribald gay jokes. "Why are gay men the first ones to check out of a hotel? Because they get their stuff packed at night."

Brian McGovern and Coby Bell
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