The 14th Annual Xena Convention... Live!

Blogging the 14th Annual Xena Convention -- to see all Xena Con posts, click here.

In case you're looking around your hometown and wondering where all the lesbians have gone, they're in Los Angeles at the 14th Annual Xena Convention.

Proving that geekiness is always in fashion, hundreds of fans of the groundbreaking female-centric action/adventure/fantasy series starring Lucy Lawless as a warrior with a dark past and Renee O'Connor as her soul mate and sidekick will spend the weekend loving on the show and its stars.

Unlike the last two years, I wasn't able to be in Los Angeles this weekend. My mother is ill and not even Xena matters more to me than my mom. But's KT Jorgensen, who has photographed the convention for the last two years along with me, is phoning and texting in reports, and will be uploading photos all weekend. She'll
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