Rotterdam Film Festival Opening Night Film

Cicala Filmworks, the New York-based production outfit behind IFFR’s opening film, The Hungry Ghosts is run by Stefan Schaefer and Diane Crespo. It is planning a Little Miss Sunshine-style comedy called Forth and Multiply. Sopranos star (and The Hungry Ghosts director) Michael Imperioli is expected to take a central role in the film, which is about a mother and two daughters at a transitional point in their lives. “It’s about fertility, love and loss,” Crespo (who will co-direct with Schaefer) says. The script is ready. Cicala is aiming to go into pre-production in the spring. This will be the second feature that Crespo and Schaefer have co-directed, after festival hit Arranged (2007), which was about the friendship between two women, one an orthodox Jew and the other a Muslim. Meanwhile, Cicala is looking to extend its working relationship with writer-actor-director Imperioli. Schaefer met Imperioli when they were appearing together in Icelandic film The Higher Force. Like Schaefer and Crespo, Imperioli is from a theatre background. He and his wife Victoria run Studio Dante, a theatre company in New York. Many of the actors in The Hungry Ghosts came from the company.

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