‘Katana’ Slices, Dices, Premieres on Strike.TV

Watch out, world of web TV, because there's a new ninja in town: Katana has debuted with a pilot episode on Strike.TV. Billed as the first martial arts web series, Katana brings in a host of top-notch stunt talent. The hard hitting show stars John Koyama and Yuji Okumoto (also the writer-producer) alongside stunt superstars Al Goto, Sam Looc, and Don Tai. If you haven't recognized any of those names, check out those IMDb listings, because you've definitely seen their movies. Koyama and Okumoto play brothers in a Japanese American Yakuza crime syndicate family. Where Koyama quit the ninja lifestyle to spend time with his wife and daughter, however, Okumoto decided to carry on with the family business - and "convinces" Koyama to join him. Family kidnappings, organized crime, and ninjas; it's like 1980s action movies meet The Sopranos.
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