Clooney's Playboy Surprise

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Clooney's Playboy Surprise
George Clooney will have a titillating surprise waiting for him when he returns to work from the holidays - Carmen Electra and Anna Faris staged a Playboy-inspired photoshoot at his California office.

The pair, who've both graced the covers of the raunchy magazine, donned bunny ears and low-slung shirts before they posed for the camera, clicked by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres for a segment on her U.S. TV show on Friday.

The trio came in unannounced as DeGeneres directed the shoot between busy clerks - before Electra and Faris pretended to pull down their tops and left a set of signed magazines with their photos for the actor, who was not present.

But American audiences were left in suspense, when the steamy scene was interrupted by a jingle and DeGeneres, who kicked off another segment of the show.

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