Why 'Die Hard' When You Can 'Die Bad'?

When talking Will Ferrell, some might say that Old School is their favorite, or Elf, or Anchorman. But for me, it's Stranger than Fiction -- one of the films in director Marc Forster's varied career. He's brought us the drama of Monster's Ball, the fantasy of Finding Neverland, and the flight of The Kite Runner, and now Bond wonder with Quantum of Solace. Not one to swim around in a rut, The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's now whipping up a remake with Universal of the 2000 Korean crime drama Die Bad.

Not quite the land of terrorist takeovers and one-man crime-fighting machines, the original Die Bad covers four interlocking stories focusing on the cause and affect of male aggression and gangster life, where the characters and stories intersect into each other's vignettes. Brad Ingelsby, who is currently writing The Low Dweller, is writing the script.

I'm pretty eager to
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