A Tale of Two Anti-Gay Propositions and How They Relate to"Milk"

Sean Penn, Gus Vant Sant and Dustin Lance Black

(Photo credit: Wire Image/Eric Charbonneau)

In Gus Van Sant's upcoming biopic Milk, powerful California Democrat Phil Burton shows Harvey Milk a flier the Democratic Party created in opposition to Prop 6, a 1978 statewide initiative that would have fired every gay teacher and anyone who supported them from their jobs, a law of dubious constitutionality that had nonetheless already been passed in other states. He says, "We want to send one of these to every home in California."

"Proposition Six is an affront to Human Rights," reads Harvey. "An invasion of the State into the private lives of California citizens." He points to the photos on the flier. "Does it even say the word 'gay' on this thing? Anywhere?"

"With the heat bearing down on your movement right now, we think it's best to dodge the 'gay' bullet," Burton replies. "Go for the human rights angle.
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