Kudo! Asano!  Donju!  Trailer!

Oh, it’s a good time to be a fan of prolific Japanese author / director / actor / musician Kankuro Kudo right now. A good time, indeed. First of all, the author of Ping Pong, Zebraman and a host of other titles has just debuted his latest directorial effort - aging punk rocker comedy Shonen Merikensak - to much acclaim at the recently completed Tokyo International Film Festival. And just in case that’s not enough Kudo for you, he’s also adapted his own award winning stage production Donju for his friend Hideaki Hosono to direct.

Donju stars Tadanobu Asano - who doesn’t do nearly enough comedy for my liking - as a remarkably dumb author named Dekoyan who becomes the target of a series of ludicrous murder attempts. Kudo and Asano together? Oh, yes please.

The first trailer for this one has just arrived on the scene and you
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