McGowan + Rodriguez Engaged

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McGowan + Rodriguez Engaged
Latest: Actress Rose McGowan has bounced back from rumours she and boyfriend Robert Rodriguez have split by announcing the pair are engaged and she's planning the perfect wedding.

The feisty Grindhouse star, who once dated goth rocker Marilyn Manson, told reporters at last weekend's Hollywood Style Awards that she and the cult director are planning to marry in 2009.

She said, "I am engaged," revealing Rodriguez proposed to her in September after divorcing his first wife Elizabeth.

McGowan and the moviemaker met on the set of Grindhouse movie Planet Terror and are now reportedly teaming up to make remakes of Red Sonja and Barbarella.

The actress admits she has her perfect wedding in her sights.

She tells In Touch magazine, "I just want to go to an island and pay someone else to deal with it (ceremony)."

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