DVD Review: Sleeping Beauty - Platinum Edition (1959)

Despite the studio.s reputation, Disney never really made all that many fairytales. Of course, they launched their line of animated features with one via 1937.s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but since then, they.ve only produced a few. Of that group, Beauty probably remains the most obscure. Beauty seems to have fallen between the cracks to a certain degree. Of course, its stature as a Disney movie means it.ll always be remembered, but it.s not one that shares the prominence of the others.

Frankly, I can.t argue that it really deserves a greater audience. While the movie certainly displays some excellent elements, it seems somewhat lackluster and unimpressive as a whole.

After a long wait, King Stefan (voiced by Taylor Holmes) and Queen No-name finally bear a child whom they name Princess Aurora. We see a massive celebration in her honor and meet a young Prince Phillip,
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