Rodriguez Writing Kids Film

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Rodriguez Writing Kids Film
Movie tough girl Michelle Rodriguez is set to show off her soft side by writing a new kids' movie.

The Lost and Girlfight star says her first family film will be a "Jumanji meets Goonies" with an environmental twist.

She tells WENN, "It's a 2012 story about purity and animals and children. The premise behind it is all the animals on earth freak out and start attacking anything that's not pure because of a seance that occurred in the rainforest after it's depletion in 2012. It becomes cataclysmic.

"I'm in Italy trying to write this thing and I've only got 15 pages done so far. I've had this idea in my head since I was 15 and I'm trying to capture today's children and it's so intense because I don't know anything these kids are into, but I do know they are well informed.

"Kids are smart, so to capture them will be interesting. I'm focusing the film on 12 or 13 year olds."

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