The Devil's Muse Double-Disc Details

One new movie I haven't heard much about until now is Ramzi Abed's The Devil's Muse, but that's all about to change. On September 30th Halo-8 Entertainment is releasing a deluxe two-disc set of the film. It'll be packed with goodies including a full-length soundtrack CD composed by David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) and Ego Plum (Nicktoons' Making Fiends).

So, what's The Devil's Muse about? Halo-8 provided this summary:

When beautiful young actress Lisa Small (Kristen Kerr of David Lynch's Inland Empire) is cast as the tragic victim known as The Black Dahlia in a film about Hollywood's most famous unsolved murder, an entire dreamworld awakens around her. Meanwhile, a local sociopath has set out on a copycat murder spree timed out with the 60th anniversary of the original killing. A spider's web grows around Lisa as her nightmares and desires intersect with the death toll rising around her.
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