Mendes To Launch Bedding Line

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Mendes To Launch Bedding Line
Eva Mendes is to launch a range of bedsheets and pillowcases.

The sexy actress is the brains behind the new Vida linen line, which will hit Macy's stores later this month.

And, although the venture might be a surprise for many, she insists it's something she has wanted to do for years.

She explains, "I'm a big interior design fan and architecture buff, that's one of my passions. If I wasn't an actress, I'd be an interior designer. I'm not smart enough to be an architect.

"We're starting off with bedding and we're seeing how the public responds to it... It's very very affordable."

And Mendes insists her friends and family are far from surprised with her latest project - because the actress loves to spend time in bed.

She adds, "I love sleeping... If there was an Olympics for it, I'd take the gold. I'm Cuban; we love to sleep."

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