Priestley Denies Beverly Hills, 90210 Return

Priestley Denies Beverly Hills, 90210 Return
Actor Jason Priestley has refuted reports he will be returning to Beverly Hills, 90210 in the new spin-off series.

Filming is currently underway to bring the programme back to small screens, with stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling among the actors reprising their original roles.

But Priestley, who played hunk Brandon Walsh in the TV series, insists he has declined offers from U.S. network CW to appear in the new show.

He says, "I think I sort of ran the gamut with Brandon . 249 episodes. I think Brandon did his time."

But the 38-year-old claims he hasn't turned down working behind the scenes, and would love to direct a few of the new episodes.

He adds, "They're talking to my people about seeing if they can slot me in over there. I directed more episodes of 90210 than anybody. I directed 18 episodes."

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