Henderson Begs Knight To Divorce TV Wife

Henderson Begs Knight To Divorce TV Wife
Actress Florence Henderson is pleading with former Brady Bunch co-star Christopher Knight to divorce his wife Adrianne Curry, claiming their marriage is a sham.

Knight wed America's Next Top Model star Curry in 2006, just one year after the pair met on the set of U.S. reality TV show The Surreal Life.

But Henderson, who played Knight's onscreen mother in the 1970s family show, claims producers tricked him into marrying Curry in a bid to boost ratings for the couple's spin off show My Fair Brady.

She says, "He's like my son. His mother had passed away and he was very involved with this - this person that he met on The Surreal Life. They (VH1) were trying to actually, I think, force him to get engaged. And he called me and he said, 'Would you come and, uh, just counsel us?' "

The 74-year-old actress adds: "I went and counselled them. But they didn't take my advice at all. They asked if I could come and counsel them before the marriage. And I said, 'No, but maybe I'll come and counsel the divorce.'"

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