The Rock: 'Kiss With Carell Was Like Cat Litter'

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The Rock: 'Kiss With Carell Was Like Cat Litter'
Wrestler-turned-movie action man The Rock was left with a bitter taste in his mouth after an onscreen kiss with his Get Smart co-star Steve Carell - because the funnyman tasted like "cat litter".

The Rock - real name Dwayne Johnson - plays Agent 23 opposite funnyman Carell in the upcoming spy movie remake.

And although he was happy to add the same-sex smooch session to the film for laughs, Johnson admits he was left wiping his mouth after the scene.

He says, "We thought what's the funniest, entertaining thing we could do at the end of the movie that would really make a good laugh and we came up with the kiss. But there's 300 crew members, they're all looking and laughing and joking. I just see Steve Carell's lips.

"So the bottom of a cat's paw - the soft supple part underneath - that's what Steve Carell's lips are like. But his tongue is like kitty cat litter. That's the physical experience."

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