Political comedy takes stage at USCAF

Political comedy takes stage at USCAF
ASPEN, Colo. -- Political comedy was in the spotlight at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Saturday morning as industry and other folks turned out for "The Gaggle", an on-stage opinion talk show created and produced by former festival director Craig Minassian that is being workshopped for potential TV show development.

Comedian Marc Maron and Ana Marie Cox, the Washington editor for Time.com, co-hosted the show with The Washington Post's Shalaigh Murray, Republican political strategist Mike Murphy and "Daily Show" correspondent John Oliver as guests.

Topics ranged from the candidates and likely candidates in the 2008 presidential election, the early start of the campaign and U.K. vs. U.S. politics.

Maron quipped early on that when politicians go on talk and other entertainment shows, "it really cheapens the host of those shows."

Murphy argued that any Democratic challenger will have a hard time against tough campaigner Hilary Clinton. "You'll need food testers", he said, earnings gasps and some laughs from the audience.

He added that David Geffen, who recently spoke out in support of Barack Obama, may have to be careful to not be "killed in a freak Pilates accident."

Maron countered: "I am disappointed in Geffen.

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