Lindsay's Movies Pay Off Partying Debts

  • WENN
Director nm0512215 autoErik Lindsay[/link] is revelling in the success of his straight-to-dvd tt0163651 autoAmerican Pie[/link] sequels - because they paid for the hedonistic lifestyle that inspired them.

Lindsay partied with students and strippers to help him create The Naked Mile and Beta House. The films won't win him awards, but they have already repaid the money he spent and proved his critics wrong.

He says, "These scripts are 95 to 98 per cent biographical. All the money I spent on booze, extracurricular activities and the strip bars has come full circle. So everybody who told me I was wasting my money over the last 20 years, just look at the Dvd shelves, baby. Every dollar I dropped into a G-string has come back tenfold on me."

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