Barrymore: Moore "Overshadowed" Latest 'Charlie's Angels'

  • WENN
Drew Barrymore has blamed her Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle co-star Demi Moore for "overshadowing" the movie. The action sequel failed to match the success of the 2000 original, despite being Moore's much-vaunted return to the big screen - and Barrymore believes the publicity the Striptease actress attracted adversely affected the film. She says, "You could say there is a bit of irony in all that. In the film, Demi's character Madison Lee wanted to overshadow the new Angels and that's what happened in reality." However, Barrymore - who also produces the films - is still keen to make a third Angels movie. She explains, "I refuse to feel bad and wouldn't even if the film had only made back its costs. I've had a wonderful experience these past six years working on the Angel movies with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, who are two of my best friends. If a dynamite third script surfaces, I'm pretty certain we'd all come back for more."

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