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Bill Nighy, Callum Turner Join 'Emma' Adaptation

Bill Nighy, Callum Turner Join 'Emma' Adaptation
Focus Features' Emma adaptation has added Bill Nighy and Fantastic Beasts actor Callum Turner as it heads into production this week in England.

Miranda Hart has also joined the cast that will be led by Anya Taylor-Joy in the title role and Johnny Flynn as George Knightley. Mia Goth, Josh O’Connor, Rupert Graves, Gemma Whelan, Amber Anderson and Tanya Reynolds round out the cast.

Autumn de Wilde will direct this new adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, a comedy of manners about a self-proclaimed matchmaker in a small village. Eleanor Catton penned the screenplay.

Working Title’s Tim Bevan ...
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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Actor Michael Rooker Will Have ‘Monster Problems’ With ‘The Maze Runner’ Star Dylan O’Brien

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Actor Michael Rooker Will Have ‘Monster Problems’ With ‘The Maze Runner’ Star Dylan O’Brien
Back in 2012, Shawn Levy was gearing up to direct a film called Monster Problems, a post-apocalyptic coming-of-age story based on a script by Brian Duffield. Time passed, and that version of the movie fell away into the gaping maw of Hollywood’s endless “what […]

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Emily Blunt In Talks To Star In ‘Not Fade Away’ At Annapurna; John Krasinski & David O. Russell Producing

  • Deadline
Emily Blunt In Talks To Star In ‘Not Fade Away’ At Annapurna; John Krasinski & David O. Russell Producing
Exclusive: Emily Blunt is in talks to star in Not Fade Away, the feature from Annapurna Pictures that has David O. Russell and John Krasinski attached as producers. It’s based on a 2015 memoir, Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found, by Rebecca Alexander who, born with a rare genetic mutation which caused her to her sight and hearing over time, beat the odds and expectations of her prognosis.

Lindsey Ferrentino is adapting the screenplay.

We hear that both Russell and Krasinski aren’t looking to direct the adaptation. Krasinski and Allyson Seeger will produce the project through their Sunday Night banner with Russell and Matthew Budman.

Krasinski’s on hand to write and direct A Quiet Place sequel for Paramount with Blunt also reprising her role in the film. That has been dated for a May 15, 2020 release.

The Golden Globe-winning actress most recently gave an enchanting
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Macon Blair to Direct and Write ‘Toxic Avenger’ Reboot for Legendary (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Macon Blair to Direct and Write ‘Toxic Avenger’ Reboot for Legendary (Exclusive)
Macon Blair has been tapped to write and direct Legendary’s reboot of the cult classic “The Toxic Avenger,” sources tell Variety.

Legendary acquired the feature film rights in December and have quickly made the project a high priority at the studio. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz of Troma Entertainment will serve as producers with Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter overseeing for Legendary.

Kaufman and Herz produced the original 1984 comedy, set in the fictional town of Tromaville, N.J., and centered on a mild-mannered janitor at a health club who’s chased out a second story window by bullies and lands in a drum of toxic waste. The chemicals cause him to transform into the Toxic Avenger, who has superhuman size and strength and stands up to bullies and corruption.

The Toxic Avenger” became successful after a long run as a midnight movie in New York City, leading to the
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Five Feet Apart review – sickly teen romance dies a slow death

A pair of lovestruck hospital patients trade love letters and latex gloves in cinema’s latest exercise in morbid mawkishness

It’s been nearly 50 years since Love Story showed that people will pay good money to watch pretty youngsters dying slowly, and five since The Fault in Our Stars revived this morbid subgenre with notable commercial success. Justin Baldoni’s middling derivative courts viewer sympathies with a somewhat novel conceit, taking place almost exclusively within the hospital where perky vlogger and cystic fibrosis patient Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) has been confined as part of a drug trial. Dragging her oxygen line around intensive care, she crosses paths with a fellow trialist, floppy-haired hunk Will (Cole Sprouse), and a wicked new twist is added to an old meet-cute: they can’t get too close, lest they exchange potentially lethal lungfuls of bacteria. Here are two kids who could kill with a kiss.
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“I Had To Tell a Story About Five Guys Working Behind Computer Screens”: Hans Pool on Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World

Hans Pool’s Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World follows the diehard band of brothers behind the online investigative outfit Bellingcat, founded by a shy Brit determined to unmask some of the media’s most notorious blockbuster stories. Whether that be through geo-location mapping, voice analysis, drone imagery, or even fact-checking legacy organizations like the NY Times (one of several outlets to report a staged car bombing as real), the international collective takes tools once the province of law enforcement and other paid “professionals” to separate fact from fiction in a very 21st century way. Filmmaker spoke with the […]
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Jordan Peele's 'Us' to battle 'Captain Marvel' at UK box office

The White Crow and Sorry Angel are also opening.

Jordan Peele’s horror film Us, the director’s follow-up to his phenomenally successful debut Get Out, rolls out widely in the UK this weekend via Universal.

Us is also being released in the Us today, where the film’s opening is being forecast to top $40m (£30.6m) by various reports. That would eclipse the Us opening of Get Out, which started with $33.4m (£25.5m) and closed on a hugely impressive $176m (£134.3m).

In the UK, Get Out opened with £2.2m and closed on £10.4m. Based on those figures, Us is
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Qumra 2019: Alice Rohrwacher says Italy has suffered "genocide" of culture

Qumra 2019: Alice Rohrwacher says Italy has suffered
Cannes prizewinner was talking ahead of her masterclass in Qumra.

Italian director Alice Rohrwacher has described what she called the “genocide” of culture in Italy during the Silvio Berlusconi era and how even the most talented filmmakers now struggle as a result to establish a connection with their audiences.

“Right now, we are paying [for] this genocide,” said Rohrwacher, talking to Screen ahead of her masterclass at the Doha Film Institute’s talent development programme Qumra in Qatar this week.

“At the moment [genocide] arrives, people don’t realise,” she said. ”They ask themselves how this was possible and why they did nothing.
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Dogwoof boards film sound doc 'Making Waves' ahead of Tribeca premiere (exclusive)

Dogwoof boards film sound doc 'Making Waves' ahead of Tribeca premiere (exclusive)
Film features Walter Murch, George Lucas and Ryan Coogler.

London-based documentary specialist Dogwoof has acquired international sales rights to Midge Costin’s Making Waves: The Art Of Cinematic Sound ahead of the film’s premiere at next month’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Dogwoof will handle global sales minus North America, which is being handled by Cinetic, and will screen to buyers in Cannes.

The film is an insight into how sound is used in the filmmaking process and features notable film personnel including sound designers Walter Murch Ben Burtt and Gary Rydstrom. Directors such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch,
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Sharkwater: Extinction review – an eco-doc with bite and poignancy

Rob Stewart’s followup to his 2006 feature shines a light on human cruelty – and gains power from the fate of its maker

In the 2006 eco-doc Sharkwater, Canadian activist film-maker Rob Stewart gave us a heartfelt plea to save the planet’s sharks. He was on a mission to reduce overfishing and rehabilitate the creatures’ reputation as stone-cold killers – if only we could love sharks as much as we love cuddly pandas we’d do more to protect them. Back then, you couldn’t help feeling that Stewart wanted us to love him too, with all the shots of himself in tiny Speedos. Watching the sequel, I experienced a sharp stab of self-reproach. Stewart died in a diving accident while shooting this film – he was 37. Sharkwater: Extinction has been scrappily put together from footage he’d already shot.

And there are some striking images here. Since the first film, many countries
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Beijing Festival Unveils ‘Max Max,’ ‘Bourne,’ Kurosawa Screening Series

Beijing Festival Unveils ‘Max Max,’ ‘Bourne,’ Kurosawa Screening Series
The upcoming Beijing International Film Festival will give space to high profile Hollywood franchise movies with screenings of all films in both the “Mad Max” and “Bourne Identity” series. Classic Hollywood fare will also feature prominently in a line-up that, as usual, features an eclectic grab bag of titles.

The local government-backed festival opens April 13 and runs through April 20.

The list of films nominated in the festival’s competition section and jury members has not yet been released. Winners of the Tiantan (“Temple of Heaven”) Award will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Since this year is the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the theme of both the opening and closing ceremonies will be “home and country,” the festival said on its website, so as to make the event “a birthday blessing for the motherland.”

This gift is so far scheduled to include “Mad Max” (1979), “Mad Max
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Turkey's Meetings on the Bridge unveils 2019 project selection

Mohamed Siam, Emre Akay and Myriam El Hajj will be among the filmmakers heading to Turkey.

Mohamed Siam, Emre Akay and Myriam El Hajj will be among the filmmakers heading to Turkey for the 14th edition of the Meetings on the Bridge project meeting, running April 11-12 within the framework of the 38th Istanbul Film Festival (April 5-16).

Egyptian documentarian Mohamed Siam, whose last feature Amal opened the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (Idfa) in 2017, will present his first fiction feature project, Carnaval.

Siam describes it as comedy mixing ingredients from Amal – which followed a young female revolutionary – and his previous film Whose Country?
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The Dirt review – slick Netflix Mötley Crüe biopic mostly rocks

A mixture of debauchery and darkness, it’s a film that treads a familiar line but does so with skill, featuring a standout turn from Machine Gun Kelly

Hot on the heels of Bohemian Rhapsody’s mystifying four Oscar wins and box office glory comes The Dirt, the long gestating biopic of the 80s glam-rock band Mötley Crüe. In the 18 years since the band’s autobiography of the same name hit bookshelves, the film has gone through a series of starts and stops, including the passing interest of David Fincher (imagine!). But unlike the universally beloved Queen, Mötley Crüe are the kind of polarizing band where potential viewers may be more likely to remember the names of the band’s outsized personalities than the names of their hit songs. Suitably, the film finally arrives by way of circumventing the silver screen altogether with the lower stakes Netflix distribution model, a
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Diana Ross: Her Life, Love and Legacy review – slapdash tribute

There’s little to entertain in this strange documentary centred around the singer’s electrifying 1983 free concert in Central Park during a thunderstorm

No movie with wall-to-wall Diana Ross music can be all bad. But this one-off celebration in honour of Ross’s 75th birthday seems weirdly thrown together, at times like a video tribute created by her children and grandchildren to be shown at a family party. It’s not a full life story but a revisiting of one of her finest hours: the 1983 free open-air concert in New York’s Central Park, which was engulfed by a terrifying thunderstorm.

Like the showbusiness legend she is, Ross turned this into an anti-Fyre festival triumph. She kept singing in the drenching rain, speaking soothingly between numbers, starkly lit by a spotlight in the darkness, and kept the audience miraculously calm. If she had simply abandoned the stage, there could have
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SXSW Film Review: ‘J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius’

SXSW Film Review: ‘J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius’
Like 8mm films of 1960s “happenings” or videos of 1970s performance art, “J.R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius” chronicles a cultural footnote that perhaps should be filed under the heading You Had to Be There. The satirical-absurdist “religion” founded by some Texans actually caught fire among hipsters in the 1980s, influencing some of that era’s more interesting work in various media while providing a pre-Burning Man, pre-internet “secret club” to cerebral misfits of all stripes.

Sandy K. Boone’s documentary is likely to be lost on the not-previously converted, as what seemed the height of snark in the Reagan Era hasn’t dated all that well — nor is its appeal apparent as excerpted and recalled here. But those who remember the gospel of “slack” will make this diverting-enough documentary an in-demand work at genre festivals, as a streaming item and in other forums.

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Film Review: ‘Roll Red Roll’

“Roll Red Roll” is a piercingly relevant and disturbing documentary about an infamous high school rape case that took place in Steubenville, Ohio, on Aug. 11, 2012. Steubenville, the sort of Friday-night-lights small town that boasts signs that read “Kick off for Jesus,” is a place that’s good at keeping secrets. When the rape was first reported in a local newspaper, there was an attempt on the part of much of the community to deny the crime by simply waving it away. It was seen as the stars of the local football team, known as the Big Red, getting a little too wild in a boys-will-be-boys way. The coach didn’t even suspend his players for drinking (a rule he was generally strict about), because he didn’t want to get them in trouble.

But there are times you need an instigator to stir up a hornets’ nest, and one of
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Trolled across concrete: why Mel Gibson's new film is a curious provocation

In Dragged Across Concrete, the disgraced actor stars as a violent cop in a thriller that’s a well-crafted but furiously antagonistic rant

All that S Craig Zahler does, he does methodically and deliberately. The director exercises surgically precise control over each minute in the nearly three-hour run time of his latest feature, Dragged Across Concrete. He crafts dialogue with the florid, evocative quality endemic to writers who get their start on pulp literature, wielding similes like brass knuckles. His supreme confidence also extends to his pacing, which both is and is not leisurely; he likes to let his moments breathe and unfold, albeit for the purpose of amplifying the agony in what are already excruciatingly intense scenes.

Related: Dragged Across Concrete review – glum Mel Gibson in unflinching and nasty police thriller
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Walt Disney Studios announces senior hierarchy after Fox executive culling

Disney film chief Alan Horn told Fox staffers on Thursday morning to expect ‘quite a bit of change’.

After a ruthless first wave of senior Fox executive redundancies on Thursday (March 21), Walt Disney Studios released a sanitised announcement detailing its senior leadership team following the acquisition of the entertainment assets of 21st Century Fox earlier this week.

Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn sent a note to the circa 3,000 Fox staff on Thursday telling them to expect ”quite a bit of change” before news of the first Fox senior executive lay-offs leaked out. Among Thursday’s more dramatic headlines, Fox International
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Writers Guild, Hollywood Agents Negotiate With Deadline Looming

The Writers Guild of America and Hollywood agents have held a sixth negotiating session with a deadline for a new deal 16 days away — and it’s uncertain whether progress is being made.

The Association of Talent Agents made counter-proposals at Thursday’s session that contain provisions for more accountability and transparency by agencies for clients including giving writers consent over whether a television show is packaged, as previously promised. But they do not eliminate agencies receiving packaging fees or having ownership interest in affiliate production companies — which are key demands from the WGA.

It’s unclear whether those proposals will be enough for the WGA leaders to reach a deal. The two sides made little progress in the five previous negotiating sessions to revamp the 43-year-old franchise agreement governing how agents represent writers.

Failure to reach a deal before April 7 means the agreement expires. That could have severe consequences because
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Fox Layoffs Leave Staffers Stunned and Saddened

Fox employees knew this day was coming. For over a year, the men and women who work at the Century City lot have talked of little else but severance packages and job searches. They knew that when Disney wrapped up its $71.3 billion acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox’s film and television assets, thousands of jobs would be eliminated.

But, as they found out on Thursday, there is a difference between anticipating a painful future and watching that feared reality come to pass. The ax fell at the film division with brutal efficiency, wiping away much of the senior leadership at Fox’s marketing, distribution, and consumer products arms. Some staffers, who had been engaging in gallows humor for weeks, burst into tears when they received the word in one-on-one meetings with human resources reps that their positions were being terminated. Others retreated to nearby bars to host impromptu
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