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Luca Guadagnino to Direct Film Inspired by Classic Bob Dylan Album

Luca Guadagnino to Direct Film Inspired by Classic Bob Dylan Album
Luca Guadagnino’s next project is inspired by one of Bob Dylan’s most iconic albums.

The “Suspiria” director is attached to direct a film based on Dylan’s 1975 album “Blood on the Tracks.” “The Fisher King” scribe Richard Lagravenese will write the screenplay, individuals with knowledge of the project confirmed to TheWrap.

The film is based on an idea by Rt Features’ Rodrigo Teixeira, who is producing with Guadagnino, reteaming with him after previously producing “Call Me By Your Name.” Rt’s Sophie Mas and Lourenço Sant’ Anna are executive producing alongside Marco Morabito.

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The film will revolve around some of the central themes of Dylan’s album, which included “Tangled Up in Blue,” “Simple Twist of Fate” and “Shelter from the Storm.”

“Bringing this project to life is a dream to me,
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Ken Jeong, Parisa Fitz-Henley Join Dave Bautista’s Comedy ‘My Spy’

Ken Jeong, Parisa Fitz-Henley Join Dave Bautista’s Comedy ‘My Spy’
Ken Jeong, Parisa Fitz-Henley, and Chloe Coleman have joined Dave Bautista’s action-comedy “My Spy” for STXFilms.

Peter Segal is directing the script penned by the writing team of brothers Jon and Erich Hoeber. Bautista plays a hardened CIA operative who finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, having been sent undercover to surveil her family. The film is currently in production in Toronto.

“’My Spy’s the perfect vehicle to highlight Dave’s undeniable humor and charm, while continuing to stay true to his action roots,” Adam Fogelson, chairman of STXfilms, said. “His father/daughter-like chemistry with Chloe Coleman is a true pleasure to watch, and we could not have asked for a stronger roster of funny and talented co-stars to round out the cast of this wildly entertaining film.”

Good Fear’s Chris Bender and Jake Weiner are producing the project alongside Mwm Studios, Bautista,
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‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Cast Adds ‘The Nun’ Actor Demián Bichir

Godzilla vs. Kong, another entry in Legendary’s MonsterVerse, has added yet another cast member. Demián Bichir, an actor who appeared in The Hateful Eight and the recently released The Nun, has joined the Adam Wingard-directed film. Godzilla vs. Kong follows the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and will pit the rebooted Kong from Kong: Skull Island against the rebooted Godzilla introduced […]

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Full ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Trailer Chronicles the Deadly Rise of a New Drug Empire

In its new season, Narcos is seeing something of a reboot. Narcos: Mexico heads back in time, to the 1980s, and the rise of the Guadalajara cartel. Instead of Pedro Pascal trying to take down Pablo Escobar in Columbia, we have Michael Peña as Kiki Camarena, an undercover DEA agent embedded in Guadalajara, and Diego Luna as the cartel’s patriarch, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the real-life figurehead who practically founded the Mexican drug trade. In the first full trailer for the new season, we see the rise of Luna's character, the "Rockefeller of marijuana," and …
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Chris Hemsworth Shares ‘Men in Black’ Photos as He Wraps Filming

Production on the new Men in Black reboot has come to an end, at least as far as Chris Hemsworth is concerned. The actor took to his Instagram page to announce that he’s completed filming on the new film, although production may be continuing for a bit yet for scenes not involving the Thor: Ragnarok actor. Hemsworth shared a few behind-the-scenes snaps of himself and co-star Tessa Thompson, as well as director F. Gary Gray who chose Men in Black as his follow-up project to The Fate of the Furious, which itself was Gray’s …
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Collider Readers in 24 Cities Can Win Tickets to an Early Screening of ‘Mid90s’

Mid90s is a movie that’s going to get by on word-of-mouth. It doesn’t have any major stars, but it’s a really good movie. Jonah Hill’s directorial debut follows a young kid in the mid-90s who becomes friends with a group of skaters. It’s a character-driven movie that always feels like it’s putting honest interactions before nostalgia, and I really appreciated what Hill was doing with the film. I’m pleased to announce we’…
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2018 Gotham Award Nominations: ‘First Reformed’ & ‘The Favourite’ Lead The Pack

The first shot in the awards season wars has arrived: the 28th annual Gotham Awards nominations were announced this Am (full list below) and leading the pack with the most amount of nominations were A24‘s “First Reformed” directed by Paul Schrader and Fox Searchlight’s “The Favourite” helmed by Yorgos Lanthimos. Both films were nominated for Best Picture, and “First Reformed” earned a Best Actor and Screenplay nod for Ethan Hawke and Schrader.

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Blumhouse Founder Apologizes For His “Dumb Comments” Saying “There Are Not A Lot Of Female Directors”

Boy, oh boy, Blumhouse Productions founder Jason Blum found himself in the middle of the social media outrage machine yesterday. After an interview was published, which featured the producer opine about why Blumhouse hasn’t had much success hiring female filmmakers, chalking it up to a lack of female directors, people were obviously upset. So, today, Blum took to Twitter to apologize.

“Thank you everyone for calling me out on my dumb comments in that interview.

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The 20 Best Horror Films of the Last 20 Years

The 20 Best Horror Films of the Last 20 Years
Twenty years, in terms of horror films, doesn’t sound all that long. Yet it adds up to a generation, and the list below reflects that. It’s a catalog of the cinematic fears and obsessions that define an era. The list is also destined to start a few fights. So feel free to object, and to point out the dozens of terrific films I left out.

20. The Babadook (2014)

It’s scrappy and, at times, a little short on atmosphere, but Jennifer Kent’s sinister maternal psychodrama puts you inside the head of a woman on the verge like no horror film since “Repulsion.” It’s set in Australia, where Amelia (Essie Davis) was widowed in a car crash the night she gave birth to her son (Noah Wiseman), who is now six. (Her husband was driving.) The son is deeply troubled, but not nearly so much as his mother,
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Netflix’s ‘Been So Long’ Gets U.K. Theatrical Release With Birds’ Eye View

Netflix’s “Been So Long” will receive a U.K. theatrical release as part of Birds’ Eye View’s Reclaim the Frame program. The film’s 10-theater tour kicks off with a special screening in London on Oct. 22, followed by a Q&A with director Tinge Krishnan, star Michaela Coel and other members of the cast and crew. It then tours the U.K. until mid-November; it launches globally on Netflix on Oct. 26.

Reclaim the Frame, which is supported by the British Film Institute’s Audience Fund, seeks to “grow the audience’s appetite for female-led films in the U.K.,” Birds’ Eye View said in a statement. It started as a pilot program, supporting four films in five cities over the summer. With the support of the BFI, Birds’ Eye View is extending the program for 18 months, supporting a further 12 films directed by women. Birds’ Eye View, led by producer Mia Bays,
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Ranking the ‘Halloween’ Franchise from Worst to Best

This week, Halloween brings Michael Myers back to the big screen, with great results. But how does the new Halloween stack up to the rest of the franchise? Our Halloween ranking examines the franchise as a whole, in which Michael Myers faces off against Laurie Strode, Dr. Loomis and more. Which film still holds up, and which deserves […]

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Upcoming Superhero Movie Release Dates: From 2018 to 2022

Last Updated: October 16th There’s no denying that the most popular genre around these days is the superhero movie. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy proved that comic book adaptations could be just as dramatic and heavy as non-genre films, Marvel Studios jumpstarted a massive interconnected series of superhero movies that were significantly more colorful and humorous, and audiences have been turning out to both kinds of superhero films in droves. With nearly every major studio now working to turn its own comic book properties into the next big thing, and with Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. plotting …
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Judy Blume's Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret to be adapted for film

After half a century of batting off Hollywood offers, beloved Us children’s author agrees to movie version of her best-known novel

Forty-eight years after its publication, Judy Blume’s seminal young adult novel, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, is to be adapted for cinema.

Following many decades rejecting the advances of film producers, Blume tweeted in August that she was having meetings in Hollywood to discuss possible movie versions of her books, and invited readers’ opinions on which title would be best suited to the big screen. “I think the time has come,” she said.
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The Favourite, First Reformed Top the 2018 Ifp Gotham Award Nominations

Ifp, Filmmaker‘s parent organization, announced the nominations for its 2018 Ifp Gotham Awards this morning. The two top films, receiving three nominations each, were something of a surprise: Yorgos Lanthimos’s period Fox Searchlight drama, The Favourite, and Paul Schrader’s anthropocene-set drama of faith, First Reformed. Both films compete for Best Picture and Best Screenplay. Other best picture nominees include Barry Jenkins’s If Beale St. Could Talk, Chloe Zhao’s The Rider and Josephine Decker’s Madeline’s Madeline. Best Documentary nods went to Robert Greene’s Bisbee ’17, RaMell Ross’s Hale County, This Morning, This Evening, Bing Liu’s Minding the Gap, Sandi Tan’s Shirkers […]
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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Launch Trailer Shows an Action-Packed Fight for Survival

Rockstar Games has released the Red Dead Redemption 2 launch trailer. The upcoming prequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption is the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive. I’m not surprised that this trailer chooses to lean heavily on the action and drama since this is Rockstar’s last big push to sell the game before it hits stores next week. You want to make a trailer that will appeal to the widest audience …
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‘Arrow’: Juliana Harkavy & Rick Gonzalez on Their Characters’ Season 7 Journey

On October 14, The CW hosted an event for the launch of its new fall season, which also showcased Shethority, an online collective that provides a positive space for all women to discuss the unique challenges of the female experience in today’s world, and debuted the #CWOpenToAll initiative that reinforces the network’s commitment to inclusion and representation. Collider was invited to hang out on the red carpet to chat with the arriving talent, where we got a few minutes to get some scoop from Arrow co-stars Juliana Harkavy and Rick Gonzalez. During the interview, they talked about …
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‘Narcos: Mexico’ Trailer: Michael Peña and Diego Luna Kickstart Reset of Netflix Drug Trade Drama

For their next stop in dramatizing the international illicit drug trade, Netflix is going back closer to the beginning. “Narcos: Mexico,” the impending offshoot of the streaming service’s long running Pablo Escobar-centered series, is taking its story from Colombia to Guadalajara and bringing an impressive cast with it.

After three years of the original “Narcos” that encompassed Escobar’s rise and downfall, this fourth season of the show goes back in time to start at the outset of the 1980s. Diego Luna stars as Félix Gallardo, another real-life figure in the annals of illegal drug trafficking, who created the Guadalajara Cartel. On the other side of this pursuit is the DEA’s Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña), trying to balance his family life with an expanded pursuit of Gallardo through Mexico.

As far as on-the-nose music cues for trailers go, Grandmaster Flash’s “White Lines” in the one below
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‘Hunter Killer’ Review: Gerard Butler’s Submarine Thriller Is Even Worse Than His Usual Bad Action Vehicles

‘Hunter Killer’ Review: Gerard Butler’s Submarine Thriller Is Even Worse Than His Usual Bad Action Vehicles
“If it doesn’t suck, we don’t do it.” That’s one of the only memorable lines of dialogue from the latest of Gerard Butler’s impressively bland action vehicles, but at this point it might as well be the inscription on a plaque that’s mounted behind his agent’s desk. Between “London Has Fallen,” “Geostorm,” and “Den of Thieves” — all real movies, this critic is tragically able to confirm — it’s beginning to seem as if the rugged Scotsman is just waiting by Nicolas Cage’s mailbox and stealing all of the most boring scripts before he can read them. On the plus side, that would leave Cage no choice but to continue starring in wildly eccentric fare like “Mandy.” On the minus side, it might result in Butler hosting a lot more press conferences at the Pentagon, where — in keeping with current custom — the actor recently
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The 40 Best Horror Movies of the 2000s

Much like the 1970s before it, the decade between 2000-2009 was a particularly fruitful era in the horror genre spawned by a climate of international turmoil and rapid technological advancements in the filmmaking industry. In the post-9/11 era, America was thrust into a paranoid, war-fuelled anxiety and grief, and with the internet fully emerging as a dominant force behind modern culture, those anxieties were shared globally as each and every new horrific worldwide event was broadcast in crystal clear detail onto the computer screens of international households. The flipside of that technological advancement was the emergence …
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Melissa McCarthy “Couldn’t Let Go” Of Lee Israel’s Story In ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ [Interview]

After earning an Oscar nomination for her breakout big-screen role in “Bridesmaids” most cynical members of the media likely presumed Melissa McCarthy would be on the hunt for a dramatic role to find her way back to the Dolby Theater. I mean, once you get that close to Oscar’s glory it’s all about getting back, right? Now, if you were to take that decidedly negative perspective, that’s what you’d assume happened when McCarthy took the role of Lee Israel in Marielle Heller’s wonderful “Can You Ever Forgive Me?.” Of course, that’s absolutely not the case and there are two prominent reasons why.

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