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Alexander Goldberg Jero: Musician, Economic Developer, Philosopher, and Cinematographer.

Born in Moscow, Jero started playing music at the age of 7. "Coming from a classical music background I was always looking at sound and acoustics as a main creative element of music perception," said Golberg in an interview with High Fidelity Review in 2002. "In my early years I was always searching for the perfect location in a room to play one of my instruments and using its acoustics to complement the performance." After graduating from Moscow Music College and State Academy in 1996, Jero moved to the U.S., where he continued his education in Institute of Audio Research and Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. During these years, Jero collaborated with New York artists on different multimedia, music and art projects and exhibitions. Here, you will learn more about Jero's amazing career from this point.

Musician: One of the most notable things about Alexander Goldberg Jero's career is his incredible music career. When he settled in Detroit, he used the classical music skills that he developed early in his career and combined that with his experiments with multi-channel surround sound techno music. As technology advanced in the music industry, Jero honed his skills which led him to become the first virtual conductor of music and sound. His unusual approach to recording and mixing classic music creates that incredible surround sound that gives you a truly immersive experience when listening to his compositions. His career as a musician has been all about taking those classical pieces that you have grown to love and transforming them into something even more awe-inspiring. A major piece that Alexander Goldberg Jero has created with this innovative technique is his take on Mozart's Requiem. The magic that you can hear when you play Jero's composition of this piece elevates this beloved classic that classical fans have long loved by using 3D technology. He doesn't just transform how you listen to orchestra music and symphonies, he also takes this technology to make incredible choir music. He is one of the most popular names in composition today due to his revolutionary use of technology in music. As a result, he is highly sought after for his mixing skills. These skills have helped him to win some prestigious awards in the music industry, including being the first winner of the First Surround Sound Music Awards for the Best New Surround Sound Music Composition in 2002. This award was created to celebrate artists who use surround sound technology. Jero is continually mastering the latest technologies to help music evolve. As of today, Jero has composed over 200 critically acclaimed high definition audio titles. His work in revolutionizing the music industry is far from over.

Economic Developer: While Jero made a name for himself in the music industry, this is far from the only industry that Alexander Goldberg Jero has worked hard to develop himself in. Jero took the knowledge that he gained from the music industry and is behind an innovation that can transform how people listen to music .His High Definition Music Card was a part of a new business that Jero created, MediaInVision PLC. This company is anticipating a 2.5 billion dollar growth over the next 10 years, which is an incredible amount of growth. What makes this so innovative, and part of the reason there is such a high anticipated growth for this company, is because it utilizes the already established and popular technology behind USB drives. This is not the only unique offering that Jero's business is behind. His latest innovation is the Audio Metropolis, which is a park unlike any other park that you may have seen. This revolutionary idea is centered around his High Definition Music Card. The Audio Metropolis is an entertainment park that was made for audiophiles and music lovers. As visitors enter into this park, they receive highly specialized headphones that will connect to the smartphone. The headphones connect to the network so that visitors can connect to audio content or music that you want to access. This creates a completely customizable experience that is as individual as the visitor to the park. Another great aspect of this park is the commerce center, where they team up with manufacturers to allow visitors a place to check out some of the latest offerings. This is only the beginning for Alexander Goldberg Jero in the business world. There are always projects in his mind, just waiting to come to fruition. At this point, his current business ventures are changing the way everyday people are enjoying their music.

Philosopher: Alexander Goldberg Jero is also establishing himself as a truly thought-provoking philosopher that wants to inspire deeper thinking in his audience. This passion for philosophy was what inspired his Celebrity Intelligence Project. His first venture into philosophy was "The Theory of Everything". In this writing, he goes into a thorough explanation for the two systems that are responsible for governing the world. It's about the world around us, and what happens when the world around us gets out of balance. The points that he makes here with how people interact with nature and what we can do to better interact with the environment we exist in. The emphasis is about kindness, a message that we could all stand to listen to these days. As Jero states "The future of mankind is in our hands". Another fascinating piece that he created was "The Art of Problem Solving". The primary focus here on these pieces of the puzzle that affect your problem solving skills. Or as according to Jero, "Two parts of a beautiful mind to concur the universe." This piece explains about how the different parts of the brains master different tasks. As you learn how to best utilize your creative thinking skills to think outside of the box. This is the approach that Jero has taken in his life, and how he has been so successful in his career. He hopes that this work inspires others to be more creative to create endless possibilities for people. Alexander is also discovered that abilities of human brain have a tendency to open and close depending on up-to minute situation, environment and social interactions. He has compiled a great deal of fascinating thoughts for his audience to read in his book "Colossus or Celebrity intelligence". This paperback book offers such inspiring and poignant thoughts that readers can use to improve their lives and change the way that they look at things. This approach to philosophy is how he lives his life and he hopes that by sharing these thoughts with readers.

Cinematographer: Alexander Goldberg Jero is someone who always wants to expand his horizons, branching out in other industries. He takes his passions and use that to inspire his path. An area where this path has led him is when it comes to his venture into the world of cinematography. Jero loved the novel "The Master and Margarita" and when the opportunity arose to purchase the rights to this novel, he jumped at the chance. Much like his approach to everything else in his career, he has decided to take a unique approach to cinematography. "The Master and Margarita" takes 3 different animated techniques to tell this classic Russian story: CG, 2-D, and motion capture. Jero felt that the best way to really get the feel of this beautiful and classic story was to utilize these various animation techniques. This is a breathtaking story that Alexander Goldberg Jero wanted to showcase in the most imperatively way. The aesthetic appeal is incredibly important for doing this story the justice that it deserves. This project is still in the earlier stages, but this is a project that Jero is incredibly passionate about. This is an exciting project that Jero can't wait to see how it turns out.

Alexander Goldberg Jero: A Man of Many Talents Alexander Goldberg Jero is the most interesting man in the world today. He is a true renaissance man that hasn't met a challenge that he wasn't willing to try. He doesn't want to think inside of the box; he wants to push every boundary that he feels constricts his creativity. He wants to challenge himself to consistently improve. When he hears a piece, he thinks about what he can do to take it to the next level. He's a deep thinker, full of wisdom that he wants to share in his philosophical pieces. He is a business man, who wants to revolutionize the music industry in both how music is composed and how music is heard by the audience in the comforts of their own home. He wants to take classics, from any type of media and entertainment, and turn them on their head. Just because you are used to things being done in a certain way, that doesn't mean that this is the best way. It just means that Alexander Goldberg Jero hasn't found a way to make it better yet. Alexander Goldberg Jero is an artist and a philosopher; a businessman and innovator; a cinematographer and composer. There are no limits to what Jero can do because he believes that nothing is impossible with enough passion and hard work. He doesn't just talk about his philosophical thoughts, he lives by the words that he says. Jero shows no signs of slowing down, moving full force with all of his current projects while also coming up with new ways to shake up any industry. He has had quite the extensive resume up to this point, and this list of accomplishments is ever-growing.

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