Film Review: Mukuro Trilogy (2015) by Katsumi Sasaki

The “Mukuro Trilogy” is a splatter anthology that consists of three short films by director Katsumi Sasaki, with each short being tied together with the similar theme of extreme violence leading to an equally violent revenge.

In “Apartment Inferno” a group of men who make a profit off murder bring their most recent victim to an apartment occupied by a delusional young woman. The young woman only understands death and idles away her days by mutilating the corpses brought to her. However, when one of the men finds an interest in the misguided and muted character, it upsets the dynamic of the men.

“Sweet Home Inferno” focuses on the ritualistic murder of a girl by her family. The family believes that the youth has been possessed by a dark spirit and perform a magic ritual in order to cleanse her and have her reborn pure. The violent
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