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‘Krampus Unleashed’ Review

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Stars: Amelia Brantley, Bryson Holl, Caroline Lassetter, Taylor Buckley, Tim Sauer, Emily Lynne Aiken, Daniel Link, Tori Osborn, Michael Harrelson, Linda Cushma, Travis Amery, Dujhan Brown, Juliet Rose Serrato, Kerry Keepers, William ‘Bill’ Connor | Written and Directed by Robert Conway

An in-name only sequel to writer/director Robert Conway’s 2015 Dtv flick Krampus: The Reckoning (review here), Krampus Unleashed once again hangs an unrelated story onto the tale of the Christmas anti-Santa which, at the time this film was made and originally released, in 2016, was riding high off the success of Michael Dougherty’s bigger-budgeted Krampus and an appearance in the portmanteau horror A Christmas Story.

But that was two years ago… Now? Krampus is probably best remembered here by a bunch of unsuspecting supermarket shoppers, who picked up the previous two terrible Dtv films (The Reckoning and The Christmas Devil), as a disappointment and something to be avoided. Which
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