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Hye-Seung Nam has stepped into music industry in 1989. It was her destiny for sure when her first opportunity has came across her life. She was studying in Yonsei University as classic musical major and midst preparing to study abroad, EBS TV Station's public hiring statement has approached her when she was simply looking at a newspaper one normal day. Although she did not know how exactly TV-show music is like and how they work, she just made it the way she wants from her heart and who knew, she passed. She was chosen with low salary in the beginning but she did not care since she knew the experience will be far greater than simply number in the bank account. Also by meeting one of the alumni from her school, she has learned and shaped a lot.

Starting at EBS, she started with radio drama musics and few documentaries. During this time period, it was very popular to simply use songs or background musics that were already made, but people start to see something different. She started to use and provide the TV station with her own music that she wrote which turned out with a huge love from the audience. This is when people realize she was different.

After that, she gets into MBC, one of the leading South Korean broadcasting radio and television station. Starting here, she got to take care of variety show for about 10 years. And this is the time when she started to be able to try both directing and compose for entire documentaries. After all the times of working and learning by doing documentary projects, she finally jumps into a Korean drama shows (TV series shows).

Why did she do that? because that was her passion. Regardless of stable life and income, she always wanted to do music for TV series shows or movies. And did she all sudden got the position offered? NO. The director that really liked her music job while she was doing documentaries started his first soap opera and in the middle of the work, the entire music operator has quit and he asked for a help since the time was running out. She knew this was her chance to show her passion and skill. Although she worked for 6 months, yes entire 6 months without getting paid, she knew her work would speak for itself and she would start her passion career from there on and she was right. After getting huge love from audience for music, it was just uphill from there on since 2005 to present.

There are some work from 2001 to 2005, but starting 2005 after her work in the soap opera that she has helped, her work has already started to speak for itself. She was offered more and more partnership for more soap opera and other TV series! Oh, I cannot leave this out. Even though it was her first soap opera work, she was awarded a Korean Broadcasting Production Award.

After few years of hard work, she even got to be a composer for two of the most famous and popular kid's animation and educational show. She has even developed her own team of music workers who she still works with amazingly. Yes there are some world war times in the studio but they have worked very hard collaboratively providing one of the loved song by people all over the world.

One of the reason why her work stood out so much more than others were that even the exact same song could be used for two scenes, because of her thoughts and feeling of how it should be slightly different, she was providing the show with multiple variations of background musics. She is known to creating best of the best for each scenes and this was possible by having multiple variations that she has worked harder than most of the composer and directors (I believe). Also, it is rare to see a very best at both composing and directing. Some people thinks there are multiple of Hye-Seung Nam or that she is a vampire that she never sleeps (which is true when she works; even there are times left, she devotes entire life on it).

When she works, she is also known to work very collaboratively with other directors as well. Not only she simply compose, edits, and directs music for the show, but she also gives great suggestions on how certain things should be like. Also, due to Korean environment of film production, sometimes she only has so much time to produce the one that fits and works perfectly but she is the one to turn impossible to possible at the end.

Her dream never ends here. Although for almost all the shows she has worked on, there are hundreds and hundreds of people's blogs and news articles purely on her music work (they even made a term "director Nam's drama OST syndrome when her work hits the top of the chart each time music is released), her dream is one day to have a opportunity to give an award speech at other countries (United State for the most). Lets not forget awards she has gotten from China and works she has done for Chinese's TV shows.

Recently for past 5 years (2012-2017) people are really recognizing her style of work and number of fans were increasing at very high speed. Not only the music is mesmerizing, but she recently started to work with unsigned singers and very famous singers from different countries such as (Elsa Kopf from France, Patrick Joseph from the States, Miljenko Matijevic from SteelHeart, etc.). People cannot believe how she hits the chart and brings all the color it needs to for each scenes with singers from abroad (since it is not common; almost no other director/composer does this in Korea since it has very high risk of language barrier with audiences).

After all the years, people truly admire and has jaw dropping moments when they find out how she can cover every single genre and types of scenes and shows. Now people even start to comment on video or music streaming website saying how they knew that it was director/composer Hye-Seung Nam when they started to watch the show and were blown away or touched by both background musics and OSTs.

At the moment, she is looking for the opportunity to step into music/film scorer/directing industry in America. She will make it. I believe she is going to do what she did in 2005, of working for small or no money at all since she will burgeon from there on (I believe it and I know it will happen).

I truly believe that one day, the day when she walks down the red carpet will come as one of the best music composer/director.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Jello MW

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All scenes deserves a touch up or entirely new music because different scene might need more detailed music work. Audiences might not catch it all the time but it is needed to deliver the message to their heart as close as I can do because I know the importance and how much minor things can do to the whole picture.

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