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Top Topic (US) August 31 2018, by: Publisher, "Swedish-Iranian actor Arsi Nami stars in 2019 Kia Sportage Commercial"
Voyage Magazine Los Angeles (US) July 12 2018, by: Sid Reddy, "Meet Arsi Nami - Most inspiring stories of Los Angeles"
Top Topic (US) May 11 2018, by: TopTopic, "Arsi Nami named as a Jury at 2018 Cannes Film Festival after winning the Jury Prize at 2017 Cannes Film Festival."
Top Topic - Iranian News (US) February 6 2018, by: Publisher, "Arsi Nami stars in $8 million funded Children's Hospital L.A production, premiered at 2018 SOC Awards with invited guest Meryl Streep."
Abilities Expo - The Resource for Disability Community (US) July 30 2017, by: Kevaleen Lara, "Arsi Nami , Love is Blind Wins for Disability Awareness at Cannes Film Festival"
Jönköpings Posten (SE) July 17 2017, by: Noa Söderberg, "Arsi Nami, Jönköpingsskådisen gick från depression till filmpris"
Top Topic - Iranian News (US) July 15 2017, by: Publisher, "Award winning Iranian-Swedish actor Arsi Nami stars in Villa comedy film, wins Official Selection in Italy, Egypt & India."
Persian Heritage (US) July 10 2017, Vol. 22, Iss. 86, pg. 15, by: Persian Heritage, "Arsi Nami - Cannes Film Festival"
Jönköpings Nytt (SE) July 6 2017, by: Ronja Lundin, "Arsi Nami - Jönköpingskillen som lyckats i Hollywood"
Kayhan Life - Spotlight on Global Iranian Community (GB) June 18 2017, by: Julie Ershadi, "Iranian-Born Actor Arsi Nami Stars in Award-Winning Short Film"
Enabled India - Latest Disability News & Events (IN) June 9 2017, by: Sathasivam Kannupayan, "Love is Blind Wins Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival for Disability Awareness"
Faire-Face France (FR) June 1 2017, by: Faire-Face France, "Love is blind, le prix spécial du jury d'Entr'2 marches, a été projeté juste avant la Palme d'or, au Palais des festivals, à Cannes, lundi 29 mai."
Top Topic (US) May 26 2017, by: Publisher, "Love is Blind, starring Iranian-Swedish Actor, Music Therapist Arsi Nami; wins Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival."
The Corsair - Santa Monica, California (US) April 27 2017, by: Mazyar Mahdavifar, "Former SMC Student Arsi Nami Prevails Through His Art"
Enabled India - Latest Disability News & Events (IN) March 22 2017, by: Sathasivam Kannupayan, "Love is Blind - Arsi Nami, Actor/Music Therapist - Cannes Film Festival"
Iranian Top Topic (US) March 12 2017, by: Toptopic, "Iranian-Swedish Actor & Music Therapist Arsi Nami to share disability awareness at Cannes Film Festival screen in the film "Love is Blind""
Iranian Top Topic (US) December 17 2016, by: Top Topics, "Love is Blind, starring Iranian-Swedish Actor/Music Therapist: Arsi Nami, nominated into 2017 Film Festival India promoting Disability Awareness & Nominated Best Short Hollywood Screening Film Festival"
Iranian Top Topic (US) December 8 2016, by: Publisher, "Iranian-Swedish Actor and Music Therapist, Arsi Nami continues with his philanthropical contribution by sharing Suicide Prevention awareness"
Iranian Top Topic (US) September 12 2016, Iss. 2016, by: Piruz, "Iranian-Swedish Actor and Music Therapist, Arsi Nami helps share disability awareness in his romantic drama short film "Love Is Blind""
Deer Sted (DK) June 26 2016, by: Magnus Teller, "Arsi Nami, er et persisk-svensk sanger, sangskriver og musikterapeut, der bor i Los Angeles, Californien."
Winogradsky/Sobel (US) May 12 2014, "Arsi Nami's "She Wants To Fly" featured in the latest Bones!"
The Daily Sundial (US) May 8 2014, by: Charlie Kaijo, "Student musician plans to introduce music therapy to smaller village across the globe"
Winogradsky/Sobel (US) June 3 2013, "Arsi Nami on The Goodwin Games!"
Jönköpings Nytt (SE) February 12 2012, by: Lovisa Klahr, "Arsi Nami - Möt artisten som bytte Jönköping mot LA"
The Daily Sundial (US) January 31 2012, by: Joseph A. Tomaszewski, "International singer/songwriter comes to CSUN to study music therapy"
Jönköpings Nytt (SE) May 21 2009, by: Gabriella Fäldt, "Hälsning från Hollywood - Arsi Nami deltar för tredje året i Rockbron. Idag fyller han år"
Jönköpings Nytt (SE) May 21 2008, by: Emelie Isacsson, ""Jag svävar varje gång jag går ut på scenen" Arsalan "Arsi" Nami satsar på att vinna årets Rockbron"
Kristianstadsbladet (SE) March 16 2002, by: Null Saxo, "Andra plats kom Arsalan "Arsi" Nami från Jönköping med Enrique Iglesias "Hero""
Allehanda (SE) March 16 2002, by: Ann-Cathrin Granbäck, "Sikta mot stjärnorna"

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