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Height 5' 4" (1.63 m)

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Jonny Yoku was born May 14 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Jonny is an Actor, inspirational writer, philosopher and Martial Artist who grew up in the East Coast where he earned an Associates Degree in Communications & New Media and studied Martial Arts. He is best known for his appearance on Nickelodeon's, AwesomenessTV and Disney's, Liv & Maddie.

With a strong passion to become a leader, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he now lives to become a positive influential public figure.

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Trade Mark (1)

Dimple on the left side of his forehead.

Trivia (22)

Jonny has competed and won in grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) tournaments organized at his college.
Adopted by his grandparents, Jonny never grew up with his biological parents.
Loves philosophy, inspirational and creative writing as well as physics.

His passion for trusting this unknown journey and staying strong are traits Jonny lives by.
Jonny is strongly influenced by Asian culture.
Jonny won 1st place at a stand-up comedy event titled: "The Gong Show" in Manchester, NH at the Another Anime Convention (AAC).
Practiced choreography dance influenced by Korean Pop Music for 3 years.
While in college Jonny also trained in Martial Arts.
Jonny is fascinated by Carl Jung's philosophy of no coincidences (synchronicity). This also relates to his interest in Numerology.
At the age of 23, Yoku flew to LA, California for the first time with only 100 dollars to his name.
Jonny was shirtless for his first television debut on Nickelodeon.
Jonny's favorite Music Genre is K-Pop which is short for, "Korean Pop.".
Jonny values minimalism.
Yoku means "well, skillfully, enough and often" in Japanese.
Jonny discovered his passion for writing when he was in the 4th grade.
Many people are surprised that Jonny Yoku does NOT have a middle name.
Jonny has practiced and can use Nunchucks extremely well.
Dragonball Z is one of Jonny's favorite Animes as Goku is also one of his favorite fictional characters. In fact, Yoku has done a cosplay as, Goku from the series in 2014 at San Diego Comic-Con.
Mr. Yoku has a passion to be one of the most successful Authors for a self-help book that has ever lived.
Jonny Yoku can play the guitar and piano.
Highly opinionated topics such as religion, science and politics are all ideas Yoku has distanced himself from. He follows spirituality.
Only for less than a year, Yoku trained in TaeKwonDo while he was in the East Coast. He was influenced to do so by one of his favorite Korean Idols.
He has a dimple on the left side of his forehead.

Personal Quotes (92)

Trust this crazy and insane process.
You never want to just pass time...

You want to enjoy time.
I like you so much, I don't even know what the hell to do with myself. No matter what I experience, it always brings me back to you. You make me want to be the best person I can be. Once I meet my dreams, I hope to see you soon.
Even if the world doesn't think I'm the best... I still feel like the best because you believe in me.
You know what I love? How I've messed up and wasted so much time in my life, yet I can still make someone smile.
At times I feel that going for it makes the winner rather than actually winning.
Be kind, but don't be so giving... Especially towards those who don't appreciate it.
I hate how it works out so perfectly.
What makes you smile should be what you think about and strive for.
Why would this be happening if it wasn't significant?
Every time I did something stupid, it made me realize something had to change in my life.
Be completely open, it's okay to be - you will see who throws darts and who throws hearts.
I believe a moment can last forever. I live for those moments that are like a perfect photo in the album in my heart.
One must have flaws to reach perfection. As flaws is the foundation that perfection is built of.
I just gave trophies to people who made me last place in their worlds.
Do not follow the crowd, follow your heart.
Whatever path you choose, you will be fine.

You are the light you've been searching for after all.
Your problems make you perfect
If you take a sip of a drink, you already know what the whole drink will taste like.
Put in the effort and life will meet you halfway.
Don't worry about the ones who hurt you, focus on the ones who heal you.
Being down and sad gets old, it's only a matter of time before you rise up and shine again.
The most magical thing you can do for someone is look past their situation.
The pieces fall, but they will fall into place.
I seem to always find a way out no matter how insane my situation is. At the most random times at that.
This sadness and feeling like hell brought me to a deep hole of greater depression, which ironically sparked a fire in me to dry my tears.
In time you will eventually develop the strength to manage hell and make it to your fantasy.
One must have flaws to reach perfection. As flaws are the foundation that perfection is built of.
I was just a bunch of puzzle pieces that were all mixed up from different boxes. I never seemed to have the right answers, but in time I learned sometimes you don't need to.
Broken pieces to masterpieces
If you want the courage to let go and move forward, you need to understand that there's much more out there.
I think one of the biggest mistakes people do is they find comfort in temporary things, which will result in constantly jumping to one thing to the next... when they truly just want something that lasts.
While you're busy judging everyone, I hope you take a good look at yourself too.
Follow your dreams, not your pain.
Just because you weren't first, doesn't mean you can't be best.
We want so much of everything when we should really should be focusing on certain things.
I know you're in pain, let the pain guide you to something beautiful.
Chase passion, not attention.
Think of what you truly desire and keep it in front of you constantly. Keep thinking about it and attract it. It will manifest.
Making you feel sure is way more important than making you feel special.
Focus on your dreams, don't worry about anything else.
So many people say they want to swim, but you'll never see them get into a pool.
Do what matters, not to impress.
People get frustrated through injustice which I completely understand, and then there's people who get frustrated because they understand they are in the wrong.

When people get angry and lose their cool it shows a lot.

Are they protective or are they defensive?

Pay close attention to how people react, everyone will show you their true colors eventually.
If someone is truly looking out for your best interest, you would never feel like shit around them.
If people don't make things clear with you, it's because they don't want to be clear with you - they purposely want to mislead you. Miscommunication is foolish and an excuse.
While you're wasting time on someone who doesn't want to change, you're missing out on helping people who actually do want to change.
Clutter to clarity.
It's not so much the time spent working, it's the amount of effort and mental awareness. It's a lot to keep track and manage.
Stop worrying and start believing.
You don't need everything, you just need what's right.
Do that thing that you know you should be doing that you're not doing.
Sometimes you don't even have to ask questions, just pay attention.
Imagine being the person you want to be regardless of all the mistakes, imperfections and regrets in your life. You achieved what you wanted even so.
All I'm trying to say is that whatever you think is greater than you, whoever you think is stronger than you exists in the same world as you do.
If you truly keep the bar high, I mean like you really keep it high than you will start respecting and having more value for yourself. Please understand though, this journey of self love can feel lonely and chaotic at times.
Who celebrates with you? Like honestly, who is happy for you when you have something good going? Focus on people like that.
If you can't live with them, live for them.
Don't be bitter, be better.
If you wanted to be in my life all you had to do was be part of it.
Temporary vs Meaningful.
It's okay to sell all of it... because at least we still have each other.
What if your guardian angel is actually your complete and happy future self?
He wouldn't be in the position that he's in right now if he had good people around him.
Anyone who is important will love you.
I don't have to taste anyone else to know that you're the sweetest.
I feel like my hearts at ease when I look at you.
In a way, being interesting can be a lot more meaningful than being talented.
Stay alive, it's a short ride.
They knew I was going through difficult times... and if they didn't know, then that's how much they cared about me.
Your dreams mean so much more than your bad day.
Your day 1 is day 100
It's very easy to get under peoples skin because they are not confident in their character.
You give a lot of credit to the bad memories, I sure hope you give the same if not more credit to the good ones too.
If you look at people as money, then your relationship with them will eventually become worthless.
You're getting closer, but you're already there.
There's always a way, wouldn't you say?
I am not be the brightest person, but I have a good heart. And sometimes I think that matters much more.
Small steps can sometimes be much greater than big leaps, because ultimately small steps are what big leaps are made of.
Turn stress into success.
I used to have butterflies thinking of you, now they are shooting stars.
If someone truly likes you, they will want to understand you.
Ask yourself, are you at your best when you do this?
You can't learn awesome. You just have to be.
The problem with media and the news is that it will give you all the problems in the world, but it will rarely ever give you solutions or answers.
Your eye can twitch a lot due to stress. If you ever notice that your eyes are twitching while you're with someone - they are the cause of your stress.
It does take you away, but not to a better place.
One moment with you is a lifetime to me.
You know what's worse than feeling tired? Feeling regretful.
It's not the broken pieces that matter, it's what those broken pieces can turn into.
It happens when you least expect it because that's when you're actually ready.
People want it forever, I just want it for a moment.

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