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Articles (7)

Women Fitness (US) April 3 2017, by: Namita Nayyar, "Allison Baver Speed Skating Olympic Bronze Medalist Reveals Her Fitness and Beauty Secrets"
Shape Magazine (US) December 10 2015, by: Abby Lerner, "Olympic Speed Skating Allison Baver's Lower Body Workout"
ContactMusic.net (US) April 24 2015, by: Brian To, "22nd Annual Race to Erase MS"
New York Observer (US) February 13 2015, by: Jordyn Taylor, "The Millionaire Matchmaker' 8×8: Allison Baver and Devin Alexander"
Makeup And Beauty Blog (US) March 10 2010, by: Karen, "Make Up and Beauty Tips from Allison Baver"
Wilhelmina News (US) February 26 2010, by: Rodney Fetaya, "Allison Baver Wins Bronze Medal in 3000m Relay"
Philadelphia Daily News (US) January 29 2010, pg. 100, by: Donnellon, "Fire & Ice: The Comeback of Olympic Speed Skating Allison Baver. It's a beautiful thing!"

Pictorials (9)

Fitness Berks (US) January 2013, pg. 6-10, by: Tracy Hoffman, "World Class Moxie"
ESPN The Magazine (US) October 3 2011, Iss. October, pg. 41, "Body Shot"
Star Magazine (US) February 1 2010, by: CoverGirl, "Star Beauty "Olympic Beauty""
People Magazine (US) February 1 2010, pg. Advertisement, by: Pantene, "Medal Worthy Shine"
Muscle and Body Magazine (US) February 1 2010, by: Unkown, "Winter Games Special Cover Article "Unbreakable""
Mens Fitness (US) February 1 2010, pg. 4, 76-77, by: Desiree Gallas, "Dream Woman "Fire on Ice""
Philadelphia Style Magazine (US) January 1 2010, by: Marni Prichard Manko, "Showing Her Mettle"
Women's Health Magazine (US) December 1 2008, pg. 80, by: Dimity McDowell, "Keep Your Body Hot all Winter Long"
Sports Illustrated (US) February 6 2006, Iss. Olympics Preview, pg. Centerfold, by: Photo by Michael O'neill, "2006 Olympics"

Magazine Covers (9)

Philadelphia Model Magazine (US) July 1 2017, Iss. 16
Berks County Living Magazine (US) March 1 2017, Iss. Extreme Athletes
HER Magazine (US) September 1 2016, Vol. 1, Iss. 1
Bloomberg Business Week (US) February 2014, Iss. Olympics Edition
Fitness Berks (US) January 1 2013, Iss. Allison Baver Exclusive
Muscle & Body (US) February 2010
Philadelphia Daily News (US) January 29 2010
Muscle and Fitness Magazine (US) January 1 2010
Valley Social Magazine (US) February 16 2009, Iss. Jan/Feb

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