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Film Review: ‘Just Say Goodbye’

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Film Review: ‘Just Say Goodbye’
Director Matt Walting’s “Just Say Goodbye” can trace its lineage to the old after-school specials that dealt with such evergreen topics as alcoholism, bullying, and suicide. However, this story about a physically and mentally abused teen who decides his only option for personal freedom is to commit suicide falls short in its delivery compared to those network-produced parables. This melodrama, released to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month, lacks the necessary polish to elevate not just its message, but also the actors’ performances.

Sixteen-year-old Jesse Peterson’s (Max MacKenzie) life hasn’t been easy. When he was six, his mom overdosed on pills, leaving him in the care of his rage-filled father Rick (William Galatis), who made Jesse swear never to utter her name again and destroyed all photographic evidence of her. All Jesse has left is one small pocket-sized photo that he keeps with him at all times.
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Katerina Eichenberger in New Trailer for Indie Film 'Just Say Goodbye'

"The only mistake you're making is leaving without saying yes to my offer!" Leomark Studios has debuted an official trailer for an indie drama titled Just Say Goodbye, which premiered at the NewFilmmakers Film Festival in New York in 2017. The film is being released in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month this May. Just Say Goodbye tells the impactful and unforgettable story of a young woman trying to save the life of her suicidal friend. Max MacKenzie plays Jesse, a boy with plans to kill himself after years of abuse from his alcoholic father and a bully. But his friend Sarah, played by Katerina Eichenberger, cancels her summer vacation to try and stop him from doing this. With William Galatis, Jesse Walters, Pamela Jayne Morgan, Olivia Nossiff, Charlotte Cusmano Zanolli, & Kk Walulak. Watch below. Here's the new official Us trailer (+ poster) for Matt Walting's Just Say Goodbye, direct from
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