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Carmen Duncan Scholarship search underway

Carmen Duncan Scholarship search underway
Emerging and aspiring actors looking to launch into the next phase of their careers are being encouraged to apply for this year’s American Arts Film and Television Academy (Aafta) Carmen Duncan Scholarship.

Named after the late Australian actress and activist, the initiative offers a path to the US market for acting talent via targeted packages worth more than Usd$25,000.

They include online and in-person training on various aspects of the industry, as well as help with visas and immigration services.

Duncan blazed a trail for Australian actors in the US during the ’80s, portraying Iris Carrington Wheeler on the daytime soap opera Another World, a role for which she was honoured not only with nominations for the Soap Opera Awards but also an Emmy nomination.

She passed away in February 2019 at the age of 76 after a battle with gynaecological cancer.

This will be the third year the scholarship has been run,
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Emerging writer/producer Kate Fox prepares two comedy webseries

Emerging writer/producer Kate Fox prepares two comedy webseries
Kate Fox.

After serving as location coordinator on Stan’s The Gloaming and location manager on season 4 of the ABC’s Rosehaven, Kate Fox aims to take her career to the next level with two comedy webseries.

Screen Tasmania is funding the development of Gasp, with Rosehaven’s Shaun Wilson attached to direct, and Papped.

Fox, a former journalist at Pacific Magazines, has written a rough Bible/series outline for Gasp (6 x 8′), which stands for Grammar and Spelling Police.

The plot centres on a a fictional task force within the real police, who enforce the correct use of the English language. Wilson will also be part of the writing team together with Ben Morton, Emesha Rudolf and Pip Kennedy.

Papped (6 x 5′) will star Jane Hamilton-Foster as Jane, a paparazzi photographer in a male-dominated industry. She’s also an actor waiting for her big break.

Post-covid-19, Tasmania becomes a bucket list travel destination,
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A deaf trans man and a musician find love in ‘Unsound’

Yiana Pandelis and Reece Noi (Photo credit: Ben Mezups)

Yiana Pandelis was 14 when she did her first acting workshop at Melbourne’s Active Performance Studios.

Her performance made a lasting impression on one of the attendees, casting director Cinzia Coassin, who was amazed to discover afterwards that Yiana is hearing impaired.

So years later when Coassin received the script for Unsound, she immediately thought of Yiana as ideal for the co-lead Finn, a young woman who is hearing impaired and undergoing the difficult process of transitioning to male.

After reading the script by Ally Burnham, a Nida graduate who received funding from Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Brilliant Stories program, Pandelis did several self-tests and auditioned for a previous director in Melbourne last year.

Development took longer than the producer Tsu Shan Chambers expected, with Screen Australia’s support on the script, and Ian Watson took over as the director.
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Reece Noi and Yiana Pandelis find love in ‘Unsound’

(L-r) Tsu Shan Chambers, Martine Delaney, Chryssy Tintner, Jess Orcsik, Ally Burnham and Christine Anu.

Game of ThronesReece Noi and newcomer Yiana Pandelis are playing the leads in Unsound, a quirky romantic drama now shooting in Sydney.

Directed by Ian Watson, and scripted by Ally Burnham, the plot follows Noi as Noah, a disillusioned musician who quits the band and returns to his mother’s home.

After clashing with his mother Angela (Paula Duncan) over old wounds, Noah seeks solace elsewhere and is caught up in the vibrant, passionate life of Finn (Pandelis), a young trans man.

Finn, who only speaks Auslan, runs a centre and nightclub for his deaf community. Despite their differences, the two become closer but with no shared language to fall back on, they risk hurting each other.

The cast includes Todd McKenney as Lewis, Finn’s father, Christine Anu as Moniqua, a fiery singer
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