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‘Humanpersons’ Review

Stars: Luis Fernandez, Roberto Birindelli, María Cecilia Sanchez, Mimi Lazo, Ramiro Meneses, Henry Twohy, Alex O´Dogherty | Written by Pedro García Ríos, Frank Spano | Directed by Frank Spano

At first there seems to be a whole lot going on in Humanpersons but when put in simpler terms it is about a blackmailed guy having to smuggle a human organ from Latin America to the United States. A Latin America he is returning to after thirty five years.

Maybe unsurprisingly, with its ‘Narcos’ tone and style of story, Humanpersons has a slow pace to it. Despite being set in a dangerous and underground world of crime, drugs and human organ trafficking, there’s not a whole lot of exciting action. Mainly just alot of talking. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, plenty of films and filmmakers have been great based on dialogue-heavy movies. But the script
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