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“Max Reload And The Nether Blasters” Offers Retro Fun

“Max Reload And The Nether Blasters” Offers Retro Fun
Retro games have an appeal that even their Aaa titles on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One can’t quite compete with. Things for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and before, contain a portal back to childhood that’s pretty singular. In crafting a sci-fi film that pays tribute to those sort of games, Max Reload and the Nether Blasters manages to pull off something fairly unique. It won’t necessarily be for everyone, but gamers and those who appreciate the games of an era past will find it pretty clever. Even beyond that crowd, it’s just a solid little action comedy that’s vying for your attention this weekend. The movie is a mix of action and comedy, filtered through a science fiction lens. Set in a small town, video game store clerk and gaming expert Max Jenkins (Tom Plumley) is about to discover a killer game. Long a
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