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Bombshell Bloodbath Mixes Too Many Ideas Together: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by the filmmakers. Director: Brett Mullen. Writers: Brett Mullen and Sky Tilley. Cast: Alex Elliott, Ed Ricker, Rob Springer and Jeff Briggs. Bombshell Bloodbath is an upcoming film from director Brett Mullen and writer Sky Tilley. This title is set for a January release, on DVD. But, indie film fans might not want to write the January 27th, 2015 release date down on their calendars. Bombshell Bloodbath is all over the place in tone and genre. Beginning as a horror title, the film switches into camp and into dramatic elements, as well. Also, the story begins with a mad scientist, but ends with an entire different set of characters. The film is a mish-mash of ideas and hard to recommend to film fans. The story begins with a scientist. He hopes to bring his recently deceased wife back from the dead.
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Bombshell Bloodbath Sprays DVD Store Shelves January 27th, 2015

Bombshell Bloodbath is an indie horror feature from director Brett Mullen (Hatchet County). The film is set to release on DVD, through Monarch Home Entertainment (Jan. 27th, 2014). In the film, a rogue scientist tries to bring his wife back from the dead. But, he puts a whole town in jeopardy, once his experiments lead to infection. Bombshell Bloodbath stars Alex Elliott, Ed Ricker, Rob Springer and Jeff Briggs. A preview for the film's release is hosted here. The film's protagonist is Cara (Elliott). She is the daughter of the scientist and one of the few survivors of a deadly virus. She must fight to escape the infection, which threatens to spread across the globe. Fans of indie zombie features are encouraged to take a closer look at the film. Several stills from the release are also hosted below. The stills show some of the film's makeup effects and creatures. As well,
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